Atat la munca, cat si in partea de freelancing / proiecte personale folosesc de cativa ani bun Toggl. Sunt extrem de multumit de ale lor servicii si, pentru ce am eu nevoie consider ca este cam de ajuns.

Astazi insa am dat de un nou astfel de util pentru time tracking : Toptal Tracker.





Initial cand am vazut ca e 100% gratuit nu prea mi s-a parut credibil, dar dupa o privire aruncata prin ale lor faQ am gasit si raspunsul la intrebarea mea :

Is TopTracker really 100% free (i.e no trial period, no upsell, etc)? What’s the catch?

Yes, all the functionality available in TopTracker is completely free. There’s no catch and no strings attached. It’s simply not something we’re looking at as a source of revenue.

We built TopTracker because we’re always looking for ways to empower and make things easier for freelancers, and time tracking has been one of the most frequently discussed pain points amongst the freelance community. Most existing solutions force freelancers to pay for use and/or lock them into subpar job platforms. Our goal with TopTracker was to provide an easy to use tool that gives freelancers full control, is completely unobtrusive, and is of extremely high quality, without the caveats of other time trackers.

Asadar zilele acestea va trebui sa incerc solutia lor pentru a vedea daca vor reusi sa ma convinga sa renunt la Toggl (mici sanse zic eu) :)

Daca ai vreo sugestie de aplicatie de time tracking, nu ezita sa lasi un comentariu ;)